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UET Marine / УЕТ Марин

Name: UET Marine / УЕТ Марин
Phone: phone:+38067 484 81 90, fax+380482 33 07 93
Address: 62, Kanatnay Str., Odessa, Ukraine
E-mail: Отправить e-mail
Web: http://www.marine.odessa.ua
ICQ: 109205773
Виды деятельности: Экспедитор, Крюинг, Фрахтовый брокер

"UET Marine" was established in 2004 as a company in “UkrEximTrans” group. Our young company based on professionals, which were involved in marine business and activity. We actively involved in various aspects of the shipping industry including liner, transshipment, brokering and chartering, agency and crewing, logistic support for container business in Ukraine and Far East Region.

Brokerage is still an important aspect of our activity and we are ready to assist You too fix the cargo or Your vessel.
Our goal - reliability and efficient performance in the worldwide transport and on-time delivery of general and bulk cargoes by sea. Our Brokerage services will satisfy all Your requirements.


Ship manning agency, duly licensed to supply sea going staff to serve all types of ships and off-shore establishments. We also supply crew for tugs, supply vessels, for reactivation and repairing of ships ( riding squads ).
We have properly certified, experienced and hard working seamen stand by to join. Their details and documents are readily available in our database.
Our office team in the Ship Manning Division is efficient and well versed with Sign-on, Visa and joining formalities.


Our staff have an experience for vessel's operation in all Ukrainian ports. We have familiar in any Ukrainian port, which help us whenever our principals encounter any question or problem, which we are ready to solve.
We do our best:
- To appoint the right agent and arrange vessel's quick dispatch;
- Reduce Disbursement account expenses or make them very reasonable;
- Negotiate expenses with working area;
- Reduce or cancel the penalty and release the ship asap;
- Collect ports information continuously;


- Inport forwarding ( containers, general cargo );
- cargo tracing;
- Cargo delivery to destination;
- Air cargo service (in progress).


Liner service still the main part of our activity.
We handle sufficient quantity of TEUs per month and we consider that our know-how in the regions of service, punctuality, handling standards, reliability, information systems, cost control - help us to be a regional specialist.

We glade inform You that from this moment we are the liner agent of UASL company in Ukraine. Please see UASL


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